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Land of Peace

Baghdad City of Peace Carnival is always keen to announce a different logo in each of its seasons, having previously used Through Our Differences We Make Peace to highlight the importance of diversity in the Baghdadi community, and the Iraqi community in general, with its role in promoting peace

The Youth; Leaders Of The Future

has also been used, emphasising the role of young people in spreading the idea of peace and establishing it within the community

Today, in its seventh year, Baghdad City of Peace Carnival is using the hashtag #IQlandOfPeace as its logo, referring to the fact that Baghdad was not called the City of Peace out of thin air, but due to the City’s pioneering role in the world, spearheading civilization, and cultural and intellectual advances since the early ages

Baghdad’s abundant contribution to humanity, being a source of enlightenment, would not have been achieved without peace right at its core

That is the origin of the Baghdad City of Peace Carnival; to highlight this role and to remind the world that Baghdad hasn’t lost its defining quality; peace, which is evident in its continued achievements throughout time

Despite all the hardships and disasters they’ve been through, Baghdad’s people are still working, celebrating, creating and sharing the love of life

Why is that, one might ask? Because they have inner peace, the essence of life

As many of its people have reached a conclusion to justify the use of weapons and violence, the youth of Baghdad return each year to prove that there is always hope of a life without weapons and violence and that Baghdad is indeed the City of Peace

It is the fountain of culture, love and music

The spring of creativity and evolution

Here is life, here is hope

Here is Baghdad, the City of Peace

Here is the Land of Peace

IQPeace Media 2017

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Ramadan event and the announcement of the start of preparations for the 7th of Baghdad city of peace Carnival

Ramadan event and the announcement of the start of preparations for the 7th of Baghdad city of peace Carnival

Iraq – Baghdad – Al Arasat Street – Al Faisaliah Restaurant & Cafe
It is time for the youth of Baghdad city of peace carnival to announce the beginning of the preparations and rehearsals for the day of the carnival, that day will be the 7th year in a row to celebrate their capital as the city of peace
gathering in a magical night that charmed all attendees, the volunteers of the Baghdad city of peace carnival met at the annual Ramadan evening in an atmosphere dominated by love and affection
During the evening, many activities took place including the telling of success stories of some volunteers who wanted to share their experiences with the attendees
The evening began with live performance of the band of Hawas
Musicians chance brought them to Baghdad so they can colour our lives with their music
They entertained the audience with musical shades that varied between Turkish and Jazz
then stepped up the Coordinator of Promotion and Finance (Ibrahim) and talked about previous festival partnerships as well as the costs and budget of the festival and the expectations for the upcoming festival
A young Baghdadi has a high artistic vision and creative touches, her hobbies and passion are crystal clear in her personality and art
Roula told the audience her story about the festival
Followed by an introductory paragraph for the youth of Diwaniyah the city of peace carnival, which emanates from the carnival of Baghdad, city of peace
Who came from far away to share the story of their Carnival with the Baghdadi people
It is worth mentioning that one of the objectives of the festival is to expand the peace network
To include all cities of Iraq
Then a band arrived
Songs varied between
Pop, modern & rock
and again
A young creative Baghdadi and an art student who does not know the word impossible
Has a great role in the management, organising and maintenance of the official headquarters of the Carnival. Peace Center
IQPeace Center
Then Mohammed Khazraj, who performed oriental singing, moved the place with his serene voice and high sense
After Khazraj’s creativity, it was necessary to announce the launch of the preparations for the seventh Baghdad city of peace Carnival for the 7th year
The logo for the new season is


Majd announced the vision and ambition of the carnival for the future of Baghdad. He explained this by waving to the design of the Flex behind him, embodied by a vision and a giant ambition for Baghdad as a city of peace and the aspiration of Baghdad to be the strategic and main centre for peace in the Middle East and the world

The ambition and vision of the youth of Baghdad city of peace for their city Baghdad in the coming years

And because the conclusion was held, it had to be members of the band
Project 904
that end the evening in their own way
with songs that mixed the eastern and western styles in a special and distinctive style
being that evening the first of the many activities for the Carnival
Here is the land of peace

here is Baghdad city of peace Carnival
Here is life

IQPeace Media 2017