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“A Dream Came True”

“A dream came true”

She described her carnival experience with this phrase

She is the first Iraqi girl to tickle the electric guitar with her fingers in order to deliver a rhythm fusing oriental culture magic and the ages of enlightenment. She came to remind us that the origin of composing is Sumerian when it opened its eyes right after being brought out of the womb of Sumer’s lyre

She is the twenty years old Sally Mohammed, who took her first step of success when she stopped as a volunteer in Baghdad City of Peace Carnival being part of “Shared Harmony” band to present western songs and those of Fairouz and to allow the audience to interact

About her volunteering, she mentions that songs, alongside their entertaining part, are messages delivered to the audience and one of these messages is PEACE whom she shared with the audience being a female guitarist through delivering songs with such dimension. She added that the carnival has a huge role to take her out of her artistic isolation and giving her self-confidence

Sally think that what distinguishes Baghdad City of Peace Carnival is that it is part of the International Day of Peace and that Baghdadi people all over the world celebrate. Sally and her band will be part of the upcoming carnival

” حلم تحقق “

بهذه العبارة وصفت تجربتها في المهرجان

هي اول فتاة عراقية داعبت اناملها اوتار القيثار الكهربائي

لتلقي على مسامعنا لحنا يمزج بين سحر حضارات الشرق وعصور التنوير

هي جائت لتذكرنا ان اصل اللحن سومري حين تفتحت عينيه للوجود من رحم قيثارة سومر

هي بنت العشرين عاما سالي محمد

Sally,s  first live show in 2016 Carnival

، والتي خطت اول خطوات النجاح حين وطئت قدماها ارض مهرجان بغداد دار السلام كمتطوعة

ضمن فرقة


 لتقدم اغاني اجنبية واغاني لفيروز ليتفاعل معها الجمهور

عن سبب تطوعها تذكر ان الاغاني بالاضافة الى جانبها الترفيهي هي رسائل الى الجمهور واحدى هذه الرسائل هي السلام التي شاركتها مع الجمهور كعازفة للجيتار من خلال تقديمها اغاني تحمل هذا البعد

واضافت ان للمهرجان الدور الكبير للخروج من عزلتها الفنية واعطائها جرعة من الثقة بنفسها

تعتقد سالي ان ما يميز مهرجان بغداد دار السلام انه جزء من يوم عالمي يحتفل فيه البغداديون مع كل العالم

سالي ستطل علينا مع فرقتها في مهرجان بغداد دار السلام بنسخته الجديدة

IQPeace Media 2017

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استمتع واصنع الفرق

عربي – English

استمتع واصنع الفرق

احد متطوعي الفريق الاعلامي في مهرجان بغداد دار السلام ، غيث كان احد رواد المهرجان منذ انطلاقه في سنواته الاولى، في الفترة التي كان يمر بها البلد بظروف امنية صعبة، اثرت بشكل كبير على الحالة العامة للشباب
يقول غيث ” منذ انضمامي لمهرجان بغداد دار السلام، وانا اراه بصيص الامل لغد بغداد الاجمل “

عام 2015 قرر غيث ان يخرج من قائمة حضور المهرجان وان يكون احد متطوعيه، وكان السبب برايه هو ” المهرجان تجمع شبابي مستقل وبالنسبة لي تحول بين مفاهيم الحياة والموت ،بين الابيض بكل امله والاسود بكل ظلامه ، المهرجان اعطاني كمية كبيرة من الايجابية والابداع التي طغت على روح كل المتطوعين والحضور على حد سواء”

غيث مع اصدقائه عملوا على تأسيس فريق اعلام للمهرجان وحبه لهذا الفريق ولفكرة نشر السلام هو دافعه الذي يجعله مثابرا ومندفع للعمل التطوعي ويتنظر بلهفة العمل في المهرجان بسنواته القادمة 

فديمومة المهرجان هي هذه الروحية والطاقة الشبابية

Enjoy and Make Difference


One of the social media team volunteers in the carnival, Ghaith was one of the carnival’s attendance since its first year, While the country was going through really tough circumstances, That affected on the general condition of the youth.


Ghaith says, “Since I first joined the carnival and I see it, The flicker of hope for a prettier Baghdad”.


In 2015 Ghaith decided to be out of the carnival’s attendance and to be one of its volunteers and the reason was in his mind: “The carnival is an  independent youth gathering and for me a big change in the concepts between life and death, between white with all its hopes and black with all its darkness, The carnival gave me a big amount of positivity and creativity that overwhelmed both all the volunteers’ and the attendance’s  spirits.


Ghaith and his friends worked together to create a media team for the carnival and his passion to this team and to the idea of spreading peace are his motivation that made him persistent and made him rushing to the volunteer  work, He is eagerly waiting to work in the carnival’s next years.


This spiritual and youth energy is what keeps the carnival going.

IQPeace Media 2017

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Because Baghdad Needs Us

Because Baghdad Needs Us

One of the most beautiful things ever said about Baghdad, and the best possible description a young ambitious lady filled with love, hope and happiness she describes while joining volunteering in Baghdad City of Peace Carnival for the first time in 2016

Ru’aa Hamid Hussein attended the carnival as an attendee in 2015 after being abroad for 11 years and she was overwhelmed by the idea that Baghdad is a full of war, destruction and fear, but she witnessed the opposite with her own eyes. She says “when I returned home in 2013, I was very desperate due to the situations and I was very afraid of living here but then I heard of the carnival and I attended it, I saw that everything about Baghdad is positive, there is happiness, new life and there are youth who can bring back the spirit and the beauty to Baghdad. I was the happiest person ever.  In 2016, I joined the carnival when I filled the volunteering survey and my journey as a volunteer began.”

After Ru’aa’s joining the carnival as a volunteer rather than an attendee, her view of Baghdad changed and the carnival achieved its goal of spreading peace for people, day after the other. She says “During my first training day, I felt that I am another person who started a positive life regarding everything, I learnt cooperating, love, joy, smile, respect, how to be a human and how to step one step for my future without any fear… The carnival was a beautiful addition to my life. It is the only place where I found myself. It is the only place where you can work so hard and in return you feel the sweetness and the joy and insistence existing inside those volunteers, and their will to spread peace in Baghdad, this is what draw me and made me love Baghdad even more in the place where I knew it. The carnival is a very important part of my life.”

Ru’aa became part of the carnival’s family and she felt the joy and the exhaustion and the hope the carnival is spreading and she was very proud with this accomplishment she achieved. After this experience that she lived, no need to ask her whether she will participate next year or not, for sure, as I finished my interview with her with the sweetest words about Baghdad. She said “My family and I came with one joint goal in the name of Baghdad’s peace, our goal is to spread peace and love… The best part for me was when Baghdadi families were entering with smiles on their faces, a smile of joy, freedom, hope and life, here I felt that we must keep on, we must continue even if there were circumstances facing us or even there were obstacles. We must endure because Baghdad needs us.”

“لأن بغداد بحاجتنا”

من اروع ماقيل عن بغداد واحلى وصف ممكن توصفه شابة طموحة كلها حب وتفاؤل و سعادة بانضمامها للتطوع في مهرجان بغداد السلام لأول مرة هاي السنة 2016

رؤى حامد حسين حضرت اول مرة للمهرجان كحضور سنة 2015 بعد ما كانت بعيدة عن بلدها 11 سنة وكل تصورها انه بغداد الحرب بغداد  الدمار بغداد الخوف لكن عاشت العكس في المهرجان

“من رجعت ب 2013 جنت كلش مأيسة من الوضع وكلش خايفة من الحياة هنا بس لمن سمعت بالمهرجان وحضرته شفت كلشي ايجابي ببغداد اكو فرح اكو حياة جديدة اكو شباب موجودة تعيد الروح والحلاوة لبغداد جنت اسعد مخلوقة و ب 2016 انضميت من انفتح التقديم ومليت الاستمارة وبلشت رحلتي كمتطوعة بالمهرجان”

بعد ما انضمت رؤى للمهرجان كمتطوعة وليس كحضور تغيرت نظرتها عن بغداد وحقق المهرجان هدفه بنشر السلام للناس يوم بعد يوم

“اول يوم تدريب حسّيت اني انسانة ثانية بلشت حياة ايجابية بكل شي تعلمت التعاون الحب الفرح الضحكه الاحترام الإنسانية انو أخطي خطوه المستقبلي بدون خوف. المهرجان جان أضافه جميله بحياتي، المكان الوحيد الي لكيت نفسي بي المكان الوحيد الي تتعب بي وتحس بحلاوة وطعم الفرح الإصرار الموجود بالمتطوعين وعزمهم حتى ينشرون السلام ببغداد هذا الي جذبني و حبيت بغداد اكثر بالمكان الي بديت اعرف بي بغداد.. المهرجان هذا جزء كلش مهم بحياتي”

رؤى صارت جزء من عائلة المهرجان حست بالفرحة وبالتعب وبالأمل الي دينشره المهرجان وجانت كلش فخورة بهذا الانجاز الي حققته وبعد هاي التجربة الي عاشتها اكيد ميحتاج اسألها حتشاركين سنة اللخ او لا، لان ختمت مقابلتنا وياها باحلى كلمات عن بغداد

اني وعائلتي دخلنا كلنا بهدف مشترك باسم سلام بغداد، هدفنا ننشر السلام والحب. احلى جزء جان بالنسبة الي من تدخل العوائل البغدادية وبوجها” ابتسامة ،ابتسامة فرح وحرية وامل وحياة هنا حسّيت انو لازم نكمل نستمر حتى لو جانت اكو ظروف وعقبات.. نتحمّل لان بغداد بحاجتنا”

IQPeace Media 2016


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تعلمت من المهرجان جمال العمل الجماعي

عربي – English

تعلمت من المهرجان جمال العمل الجماعي


كان سؤالنا الاول للمتطوعة ياسمين فلاح “جاز” في فريق الاعلام الاجتماعي من القسم الأعلامي للمهرجان

حول ماذا اضاف لكِ مهرجان بغداد دار السلام حيث ان هذا السؤال يُطرح كثيراً للمتطوعين ومن خلال اجابته نعلم ما اذا قدمنا فائدة للشباب والمجتمع ام لا

فكانت الاجابة من ياسمين هي

“المهرجان قد اعطاني آفاقاً وفرص كثيرة، كما اضاف لي خبرة في مهنة التواصل الاجتماعي من خلال الورشات التي أقيمت في مركز بغداد دار السلام”

“كما اضاف لي دور ايجابي في كيفية التعامل مع المجتمع والناس من حولي، وعرفني على الكثير من الشباب الملهمين من فنانيين ومصوريين ومنظمين وغيرهم الكثير”

“واهم ما تعلمته من المهرجان هو جمال العمل الجماعي تعرفت من خلاله على الكثير من الاصدقاء”

ماهو سبب التطوع للمهرجان؟

اشارت قائلة : “الفضول كان السبب، حيث العدد الكثير للشباب المتطوعون واهتمام كبير لهم ورعاية جميلة وان اكون من ضمن هذا الفريق الجميل هو شرف كبير لي”

 هل ستشاركين في السنة القادمة؟

ياسمين : بل اسألني هل انتهى دوركِ بعد؟

بالطبع سنعمل على السنين القادمة لان المهرجان ليس حدثاً ليوم واحد فقط بل هو انتماء طويل الامد

IQPeace Media 2016

I learned from the carnival the beauty of group working

Our first question to the volunteer Yasamin Falah (Jaz) in the media team of the carnival was
What did the carnival add to you , which it a very common question usually we ask the volunteers about it, from the answer we know if we add a benefit to the youth and community as well,

Jasmine answers was (the carnival gave me a lot of chances and experiences in the communications skills, from the workshops in the IQPeace Center , also it add a positive rule in how i can manage the community around me, also it gave me the chance to know a lot of creative people from photographers ,artists and designers etc…
and the most important thing I learned was the beauty of group working , and making a new friends also ,
What motivates you to volunteer in the carnival?
She said: (curiosity is the reason, the big numbers of the volunteers and the great level of care about the carnival from them is a big honor to me to be apart of this family .
Would you volunteer the next year?
Jasmine: you mean are my role end yet? No ,
Of course we will keep working for the next years ,because the carnival is not an one day event rather than it’s a belonging last for a long time.


IQPeace Media 2016

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Fifty five participants from different areas of Baghdad trained in IQPeace center on communication capabilities

عربي – English

Fifty five participants from different areas of Baghdad trained in IQPeace center on communication capabilities

Photo: IQPeace Media/2016

Baghdad: – As part of the youth capacity building activities funded by Baghdad city of peace carnival (BCOPC), a youth participant training on communication skills has been organized over the period of 28- Oct. to 9 – Dec.  2016 in IQPeace Center. The initiative implemented by one of the most active volunteers of (BCOPC) promotes communication & real effective communication through methods such as communication gamification designed by the volunteers and motivational activities in order to familiarize young activists with these concepts and their activates

IQPeace Media coordinator, Mr. Caeser Alwardii, explained “130 hours for preparations and 21 training hours for fifty five youth activists’ ranging between (15-26 years), 50% of these youth from Baghdad City Of Peace carnival volunteers, 25% from other youth groups like (Bsmat Amal group, INCFHR team & Baghdad marathon for Peace group) and 25% from schools & universities who attended their first workshop here.”

“Our goal on this workshops is: the way to create an effective communication between youth activists and encourage them to build a good & successful network and use this network intelligently to develop their groups” said Mr. Ali Khachi (22), volunteer from (BCOPC)

Outcome of these workshops, the volunteers’ team and participants will create social activity depending on city of Baghdad & society needs

“For me I have weakness in communication with persons whom I am meeting for the first time, but when I learned the communication skills, now I can make an effective communication with all the persons” said Ms. Rahaf Mohammed, (18) Baghdad

“I learned deferent ways of effective communication & sharing information, this is my first time that I give up contacting others thought social media and I start communicating in real world” said Mr. Mohammed Kazem, (21) Baghdad

(BCOPC) is a group of Baghdadi youths gathered by the initiatives and the civil society associations. They believe in the existence of peace within every single individual and aim at bringing the title of “City of Peace” back to Baghdad throughout providing chances of participation between youths and society associations. They work to provide chances for investing youths’ power and efforts and empower them in order to build up a civil society believing in peaceful coexistence. (BCOPC) work over the year in the service of the society by holding variety of campaigns and initiatives where youth gather in accordance with the International Day of Peace



خمسٌ و خمسون مشارك من مناطق مختلفة من بغداد تدربوا في مقر IQPeace

على قدرات التواصل


صورة بواسطة: فريق الاعلام \ 2016

بغداد: – كجزء من نشاطات سعة بناء الشباب الممولة من قبل مهرجان بغداد مدينة السلام, كشاب مشارك بالتدرب على مهارات التواصل الذي نُظم في الفترة من 28- تشرين الأول الى 9 – كانون الأول في مقر IQPeace

نُفذت المبادرة من قبل احد من اكثر المتطوعين نشاطاً في المهرجان يروج للتواصل و التواصل الحقيقي المؤثر عن طريق أساليب مثل العاب التواصل صممت من قبل المتطوعين و النشاطات المحفزة لكي يعرف الناشطون الشباب بهذه المفاهيم و بنشاطهم.

منسق فريق الأعلام, السيد قيصر الوردي, فسرَ “130 ساعة للتحضيرات و 21 ساعة تدريب لخمسة و خمسين ناشطون شباب تتراوح اعمارهم بين (15 – 26 سنة), 50% منهم شباب من متطوعي مهرجان بغداد مدينة السلام, 25% من مجاميع شبابية اخرى مثل (فريق بصمة أمل, فريق بصمة خير و مجموعة ماراثون بغداد للسلام) و 25% من المدارس و الجامعات الذين حضروا ورشة عملهم الأولى هنا.”

“هدفنا في ورشة العمل هذه هو: الطريقة لخلق تواصل مؤثر بين الناشطون الشباب و لتشجيعهم لبناء شبكة جيدة ناجحة و أستعمال هذه الشبكة بذكاء لتطوير مجاميعهم” قال السيد علي خاتشي (22), متطوع من مهرجان بغداد مدينة السلام.

النتيجة من ورش العمل هذه, فريق المتطوعين و المشاركين سوف يخلقون نشاط اجتماعي يعتمد على ما مدينة بغداد و المجتمع يحتاج.

“بالنسبة لي لدي ضعف في التواصل مع أشخاص اقابلهم للمرة الاولى لكن عندما تعلمت مهارات التواصل, الأن يمكنني صنع تواصل مؤثر مع كل الأشخاص” قالت الانسة رهف محمد, (18) بغداد.

“تعلمت طرق مختلفة عن التواصل المؤثر و مشاركة المعلومات, هذه كانت مرتي الاولى استسلم عن التواصل, الأخرين يعتقدون أن وسائل التواصل الأجتماعي و أنا يجب أن نبدأ التواصل في العالم الحقيقي” قال السيد محمد كاظم, (21) بغداد.

مهرجان بغداد مدينة السلام هو مجموعة من شباب بغداد تجمعوا بواسطة المبادرات و جمعيات المجتمع المدني, يؤمنون بوجود السلام ضمن كل فرد و يهدفون لجلب عنوان “مدينة السلام” الى بغداد مجدداً من خلال توفير الفرص للمشاركة بين الشباب و جمعيات المجتمع, يعملون لتوفير الفرص لأستثمار طاقات و جهود الشباب و تمكينهم لبناء مجتمع مدني مؤمن بالتعايش المسالم, مهرجان بغداد مدينة السلام يعمل على مدار السنة في خدمة المجتمع عن طريق اقامة تشكيلة من الحملات و المبادرات حيث الشباب يتجمع بأنسجام مع يوم السلام العالمي.



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المهرجان هو التغيير الايجابي الكبير في حياتي

عربي – English

المهرجان هو التغيير الايجابي الكبير في حياتي

بلا شك ان للنجاح طرق شتى وعقبات كثر ممكن ان تقلل من عزيمة اي شخص

لكن ان تختصر هذه الطرق وان تطأ قدمك طريق النجاح فهذه هي الميزة التي يقدمها مهرجان بغداد دار السلام الذي وجد لكي يقرب المسافات ويذلل الصعاب التي تواجه الشباب

اشرف كاظم عازف العود والمغني تطوع ضمن فريق الستيج لاول مرة في مهرجان بغداد دار السلام بنسخته السادسة حيث قدم مع فرقته الموسيقية موسيقى العراق

مقطوعة موسيقية واغنية كثر الحديث التي نالت اعجاب الحاضرين

ابن الخامس والعشرين ربيعا يذكر لكي تكون فنان ناجح يجب ان تكون ذا ذائقة في الاستماع بالموسيقى والاغاني واختيار اللحن والكلمات

اشرف الذي لا تعيقه عقبة او يمنعه عائق من تحقيق حلمه اكتسب هذه الصفة من مهرجان بغداد دار السلام ويبين انه كان يعاني من كثرة الحواجز قبل ان تبدأ رحلته مع المهرجان

على الصعيد الجماعي الحب بين المتطوعي كان له الاثر الكبير على اشرف ويعتبره اهم ميزة من ممميزات المهرجان

ويشيد بالانسجام بين المتطوعين والعلاقات الوطيدة التي استمرت حتى بعد انتهاء المهرجان

“يختتم اشرف كلامه “المهرجان هو المنحدر الايجابي الكبير في حياتي و سأكون من ضمن المشاركين بكل لهفة في السنة القادمة من المهرجان

IQPeace Media 2016


The carnival is the biggest positive change in my life

Without a doubt, there are many ways to success, and a lot of obstacles too which can decrease the ambition of anybody.

But, if you would like to shorten that way, and to put your foot on the success’ way, that feature is offered by Baghdad city of peace carnival, which is made to shorten the distances and to overcome the difficulties which face the youths.

Ashraf Kazhim, an Oud player and a singer, volunteered within stage team for the first time in Baghdad city of peace carnival in its 6th edition, when he and his band played Iraqi music.

A music track and Kathura Al-Hadith song (“The talk has been more” song) which was admired by the audience.

That 25 years old person says that if you want to be a successful artist you should be a good music and songs listener, a one who chooses the best lyrics and tunes.

Ashraf, which cannot be stopped by an obstacle, or seized by a hitch in his way to his dream, has learned his experience from Baghdad city of peace carnival, he explains that he was suffering from a lot of obstacles before his journey was started with the carnival.

Socially, the love between the volunteers had the most effect on Ashraf, he considered it as a distinguished feature of the carnival’s features.

And he admires the harmony between the volunteers and the anchored relationships which have continued even after the end of the carnival.

“The carnival is the biggest positive path in my life “he ends his speech “and I will be within the participants with all my passion in the next edition of the carnival”.

Translated by: Ammar Ma’an

IQPeace Media 2016

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The Carnival was colored by the colors of happiness

The Carnival was colored by the colors of happiness

Reportedly from ALSABAH newspaper

BAGHDAD – Nora Khaled

Under the slogan “Youth are the leaders of the future” thousands of young people have celebrated the World Day of Peace at Abu Nawas Parks in Baghdad. The Carnival was colored by the colors of happiness, joy and hope; wanting to say that tomorrow is beautiful

A group of young people have volunteered to set up this annual carnival, rejecting any sort of violence and returning back the smile to the civilized face of Baghdad. The Media coordinator, Saja Hashem, said” it [the celebrations] started in 2011. The idea was simple. Three young people wanted to type the word “Baghdad City of Peace into Google, but unfortunately the only pictures that were coming up were images of violence, death, and explosions. So, they wanted to change this perception. They have decided to plant the idea of peace, hope and optimism inside the youth who make up 60 percent of the society. The roots of peace are the youth. “

As she pointed out that” the goals of the carnival are to reject any sort of violence and any manifestations of arms, to live in peace, and to return back the name “City of Peace” to Baghdad again, and this is what we are looking for.”

This year not only Baghdad celebrated the World Day of Peace, but also Basra and Diwaniyah did so. And there is a big hope that all Iraqi provinces can celebrate this day in the coming years

Various booths are scattered around the parks, and interested in showing their products and activities that are related to this day. The Booths are the most important part of the carnival because all proceeds go to charity. For example, last year it went to the displaced people. But this year all proceeds will go for developing the skills and talents of young people through training and providing them with all the support they need to develop their talents

Ali Karim is a super senior student and in charge of the booth “Your Health is First”. During his speech, he explained to (The Morning), ” This year, the booth of The Iraqi Medical Association of Students has contributed through raising awareness about blood pressure and its complications; as well as measuring people’s the height and weight in order to advise people on the ideal weight. This is not our first time to participate, but we have been participating in the carnival for five years. Our participation is not limited to the World Day of Peace; but we have more than 35 campaigns in different places in Baghdad, measuring people’s blood pressure and raising awareness about blood pressure and its complications and how to stay away from it.”

Rola Abdul Jabbar is a painter, and she contributed to the carnival with a number of paintings that were mostly about Sufism. She emphasized that “I cannot find anything on the Day of Peace that expresses inner peace and reconciliation with oneself more than Sufism and dervishes.”

Dr. Amir Saadi is a researcher and specialist in political and strategic affairs. He was among the audience and he expressed his optimism about the carnival and he thought of it as a starting point for all these potential energies of the young people. This carnival is the best place for the young people to show their capacity in taking the process of the reins of restoration projects, and reform parties and government

Imad AlShara is a journalist and blogger, he pointed out that “the World Day of Peace” has a special meaning in Iraq, in which Iraq is exposed to a huge attack by terrorism; despite of that, these young people keep surprising us with new activities that stand in the face of the force of darkness. The moment when you feel you’re losing hope, they come to set up such events to draw a smile, and plant love and optimism