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Announcing a Day of peace

Announcing a Day of peace

If we did not plant peace within our hearts and if we did not put it with the folds of our speeches, and if we did not put it within our sight range, we will not live it. It is only when we want peace as a state of living; it will prevail. Because it is, a flag to be rose and waved. Its flag either become peace and security and serenity would prevail, or its flag would be a flag of aggressiveness, and prejudice would be its choice.
Today, we are announcing September 21 a day of peace and it would witness the rising of flags of peace, it would witness pens writing any lines it can write down, lines that yield for peace and love. Everyone would excel and have fun.
Yes, it is a peace day, a day of security, a day of love, a day of patriotism, and a day away from sectarian discrimination. My motherland, do not feel afraid because your youths are trying to spread peace.
We gather and enjoy, we free our talents, we love and befriend, and we try hard to be together under the name of humanity and brotherhood, we gather because we are Iraqis. Long live my motherland for us for the whole eternity.

Hasnaa’ Shendi

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بغداد مدينة السلام


بغداد مدينة السلام

هذا العام سيكون مهرجاننا ذو نكهه خاصة وطابع خاص فبعد ان شهدت مدننا الحرب وراح ضحية الارهاب المئات من اهلنا واخواننا وضحى الكثير بالغالي والنفيس من اجل اعادة السلام الى ارضنا ها نحن ذا نقول لكل من حاول المساس بوحدتنا نحن هنا ونقولها وبكل فخر ستظل بغداد دارا للسلام ولن تستطيع قوى الظلام كسر ارادتنا بإعادة البسمة الى ارض السلام.
مهما جار زماننا سنظل ننشد السلام وندعو اليه فنحن شعب يحب السلام لأننا شعب علم ودين وحضارة فنحن من علمنا الناس الابجدية ونحن من شرعنا اولى القوانين، قوانين سعت لإحلال العدالة والسلام بين ابناء دجلة والفرات.
سلامنا هو رسالتنا ورسالتنا هي فخرنا فنحن من نزيل رماد الحروب لنضيء شمعة لروح عزيز ذاد بنفسه ليحل السلام على اخيه، نزيل الرماد لنزرع زهره ونكتب على اوراقها بغدادنا ارض السلام وداره، نزيل الرماد لتطير حمائم السلام البيضاء في سماء بغدادنا.
اجتمعنا هذا العام لنكتب مرة اخرى نحن شعب المحبة، والسلام دستورنا، اجتمعنا للنشر المحبة ونزرع الابتسامة على شفاه الأطفال النازحين. ليس فضلا وتفضلا منا إنما هو واجبنا تجاه إخوتنا. جئنا للزرع روح السلام في الأجيال القادمة، جئنا لنرى

الحمائم البيضاء. جئنا بسلام لننشر السلام.

محمد نهاد 

الفريق الإعلامي – مهرجان بغداد دار السلام الرابع 2014


Baghdad the City of Peace

This year, Our Carnival will be special because that our cities witnessed war and there were hundreds of victims and casualties from our brothers and families. Many had sacrificed the cheap and the precious in order to bring peace back to our country. Here we are, addressing those who question our unity and say it proudly “Baghdad will remain the City of Peace and evil will not break our will of bringing the smile back to the land of peace.”
Even if times were hard, we will always call for peace and sing of it. It is because we are peace-loving people simply because we are people of science, religion, and civilization. We are the ones who taught the World the Alphabetical system and we were those who enacted the very first rules; rules that aimed at spreading peace and justice amongst the Mesopotamians.
Our Peace is our life message and this message is our pride because we remove ashes of war to light a candle for the soul of a dear one who sacrificed his soul to find peace for a brother. We remove ashes to plant a rose and to write on its petals, “Our Baghdad is the City of Peace and its homeland.” We remove ashes so that the white doves of peace would fly high in the sky of our Baghdad.
We are gathered this year to write once again that we are people of love and peace is our constitution. We are gathered to spread love and implant smile on the faces of displaced children. It is not a favour we made nor a kindness rather than being a duty we must fulfil for our brothers. We came here to implant the peace culture in the next generations, we came to see the white doves, and we came in peace to spread peace.

Mohammed Nehad 

Social Media Team – Baghdad City of Peace Fourth Carnival 2014.

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ابتسامةُ سلامٍ هُوَ وَعدُنا


عربي – English

ابتسامةُ سلامٍ هُوَ وَعدُنا

وَجه بغداد الاًخر يبدأ ابتسامتهُ بأولى تحضيرات مِهرجانِكُم. وَدعوكم قَبل شُهورٍ عَشر حينَ وَعدوكٌم بِأنهم سَيَلقَونَكُم بَعد عام وها هُم شبابُ بَغداد يبدؤون اِيفائهم بِالوعد مُنذُ الان.

تَركوكُم بِوعدٍ وبدأوا بألحانٍ بغدادية فَرحة تَلَألَأت في بَغداد لِيزهوَ وَجهُها بالأمل وتُشرِق تِلكَ الابتسامة من جديد. أملٌ جديد تَصوغه اناملٌ شابه تُريدُ مِن بغداد أن تَنفض رماد الحروب وتنهض كطائر الفينيق.

هَدَفُهم هو صُنع ابتسامة أمل تُرسَمُ على مُحيا بَغداد وأبنائها، جَمَعهم حُب السلام لِ دار السلام فأصبحوا إخوةً وأصدقاء.

شُكراً لِدعمِكُم إياهُم ووَعدُنا لَكم أصدقائنا هُو ابتسامة اُخرى. انتَظِرونا قريباً.

محمد نهاد

الفريق الإعلامي – مهرجان بغداد دار السلام الرابع2014

A smile of peace is our promise


The other face of Baghdad is smiling with the preparations of your carnival, They said goodbye before 10 months, They promised they will be meeting you a year later and here they are, The youth of Baghdad are starting to keep their promise since now.

They left you with a promise and they started with happy Baghdadi melodies sparkled in Baghdad for her face to prosper with hope and for that smile to shine again, A new hope is made by the fingers of a young one wants Baghdad to clear the ashes of war and to stand up like a phoenix.

Their goal is to make a smile of hope on Baghdad and its people that were gathered for the love of peace and for the city of peace so they became brothers and friends.

Thanks for supporting them and our promise for you our friends is another smile, Wait for us, We’re close.

Mohammed Nihad

The Media team – Baghdad City of Peace Carnival the 4th 2014

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يوم السلام العالمي في بغداد: الشبان يتفاعلون مع «البياض». على وقع التفجيرات – بقلم غضنفر لعيبي

International Day of Peace in Baghdad: Youths interact with white clothes on the sounds of explosions

Baghdad, 21 Sep. 2013, (GhadanfarElebi):- Youths interact with white clothes on the sounds of explosions. Ghadanfar wrote.

NoofAssi says, “Celebrating the International Day of Peace did not pass the Baghdadis peacefully. Moreover, this day will not be different from other Baghdadi or Iraqi days.” adding that “The Whole World celebrates in these hours the day of Peace, that is why, as youths, we decided to celebrate like the other nations, in an attempt to regain Baghdad’s smile, believing in Peace which should dominate Iraqi society.”

Assi added as one of 150 volunteers participated in organizing the occasion held on Abu Nuwas gardens downtown Baghdad, “We were celebrating on Abu Nuwas gardens with songs sung by youths including ‘Yardili,’ ‘Fog el Nakhal Fog,’ Chalchalalaya el ruman.’ While other youths were working hard on drawing paintings, expressing the love of homeland; not to mention that others presented photographic pictures capturing scenes of peaceful living in Iraq. Moreover, Girls draw Henna ornaments, inherited from our grandmothers, on their hands. Not forgetting the folkloric locations and artistic and cultural productionlied stylishly on the Tigris’ shores while celebration the International day of Peace. Meanwhile, during this wonderful celebratory atmosphere, we were informed that dozens were killed in bomb attacks. We heard the noise of few of the explosions here from our carnival.”

She explained, “Terrorism targets everyone and it will not differentiate between the day of peace and any other day.” She added, “200 volunteers attended the carnival, in a joyful and youthful atmosphere, demanding that peace would be achieved to their country.” Assi also noted that their carnival included “guitar playing, Iraqi folkloric songs with variety of Iraqi local accents including Kurdish, Arabic, Mousili, Southern, and Western accents, violin playing, act shows, polaroid photography, facial drawings, and other activities.”

She ended her words by explaining “the number of volunteers and organizing team, not to mention the audience is in continuous growth, in 2007 we were about 30 volunteers only, today we are 300 youths organizing the occasion.”

Translated by: Social Media Team

       يوم السلام العالمي في بغداد: الشبان يتفاعلون مع «البياض». على وقع التفجيرات

          بغداد -غضنفر لعيبي:-   فيما تقول نوف عاصي، ان “الاحتفال بيوم السلام العالمي لم يمر بسلام على المواطن البغدادي، ولن يختلف هذا اليوم عن بقية ايام بغداد وعموم العراق”، مبينة ان “العالم كله يحتفل بمثل هذه الساعات، بيوم رمزي للسلام، لذلك قررنا ان نحتفل مثل باقي الشعوب، ونحاول ان نعيد البسمة الى بغداد، كشباب نؤمن بمبدأ السلام الذي يجب ان يسود في المجتمع العراقي”.

واضافت عاصي وهي واحدة من بين 150 متطوعا شاركوا بتنظيم الفعالية التي اقيمت على حدائق أبي نؤاس وسط العاصمة “كنا نحتفل على حدائق أبي نؤاس وسط بغداد. اغان سمعت بصوت شباب، ير ديلي، وفوك النخل فوك. وجلجل عليه الرمان، ومجموعة من الشباب انهمكوا برسم لوحات تجسد حب الوطن، واخرون عرضوا صورا فوتغرافية تمثل التعايش السلمي في العراق المتنوع. وبنات طبعن على اياديهن نقش الحناء المتوارث من الجدات. مواقع فلكلورية ونتاجات فنية وثقافية توزعت بطريقة انيقة قرب نهر دجلة، للاحتفال بيوم السلام العالمي. في هذه الاثناء وبهذا الجو الاحتفالي الرائع، وردتنا انباء تحدثت عن مقتل العشرات بعدد من التفجيرات، سمعنا دوي بعضها هنا في مكان الاحتفال”.

       وبينت ان “الارهاب يستهدف الكل ولن يميز بين يوم السلام وغيره من الايام”، موضحة ان “2000 شخص حضروا الاحتفال بأجواء شبابية رائعة، طالبوا بتحقيق السلام في بلدهم”، مشيرة الى ان فعاليتهم تضمنت “عزفا على الكيتار واغاني من الفلكلور العراقي بلهجات مختلفة (الكردي والعربي والمصلاوي والجنوبي والغربي) وعزفا على الة الكمان وعرضا مسرحيا، وتصويرا فوريا، ورسما على الوجوه، وغيرها من الفعاليات”.

       واوضحت ان “عدد المشاركين والمنظمين بتزايد كبير، فقد كنا في العام 2007 ما يقارب 30 متطوعا فقط، اليوم وصل العدد الى 300 شاب وشابة يعملون على تنظيم الفعالية”.

للاطلاع على الخبر كاملاً هنا

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*بغداد احتفلت بيوم السلام على امل استعادته / بقلم : خضر الياس ناهض

Baghdad celebrates day of peace with hope of regaining it


After few hours, on the gardens of Abu Nuwas, Iraqi Alamal Association organized a great carnival celebrating the occasion. The carnival included variety of Artistic and cultural activities. Dozens of intellectual and young activists took part there.

The Carnival lasted till late night yesterday.

For his part, Ahmed Al Mosawi, the journalist and civil-society activist, said “Unfortunately, International Day of Peace passes while the region alike suffers lack of peace.

Translated by: Social Media Team

بغداد احتفلت بيوم السلام على امل استعادته

                        خضر الياس ناهض

       وبعد ساعات من ذلك، وعلى حدائق أبو نؤاس نظمت جمعية الأمل العراقية، مهرجانا واسعاً بالمناسبة، تخللته العديد من الفعاليات الفنية والثقافية، ساهم فيها العشرات من الناشطين والمثقفين الشباب.

       واستمر المهرجان حتى ساعة متقدمة من مساء أمس.

من جهته، قال الصحفي والناشط المدني الشاب أحمد الموسوي “للأسف الشديد يمر يوم السلام العالمي وسط انعدام السلام في المنطقة والعراق على حد سواء”.

للاطلاع على الخبر كاملاًهنا

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*خبر صحفي – مرافيء

Marafea (Seaports):

Iraqi Council for Peace and Solidarity held in Baghdad a big conference that included artistic shows on the International Day of Peace, yesterday. Iraqi Alamal Association, as well, held a carnival on the Abu Nuwas Gardens celebrating the same occasion before an immense attendance including representatives of national and democratic blocs, not forgetting the civil-society activist, journalists, bloggers, and academic figures.

Translated by: Social Media Team


       عقد المجلس العراقي للسلم والتضامن في بغداد يوم أمس، مؤتمرا كبيراً تخللته فقرات فنية بمناسبة اليوم الدولي للسلام، فيما أقامت جمعية الأمل العراقية مهرجانا على حدائق ابو نؤاس احتفالاً بالمناسبة.

       وأمام حضور واسع ومتنوع من ممثلين عن القوى الوطنية والديمقراطية، بالإضافة إلى العديد من الناشطين المدنيين والصحفيين والكتاب والأكاديميين.

للاطلاع على الخبر كاملاً هنا

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What is Peace for you?

What is Peace for you?

A question that haunted my mind for the few last days, a question to which I could not find a satisfactory answer, I asked few people and their answer was:

A country without explosions and without traffic jams.

Providing Electricity, water, oil, and liquid gas.

Monthly payments, wife, and children.

At that time, I agreed and thought that by providing the above-mentioned needs we might live peacefully and understand what is meant by peace.

With the passage of days while working indoor and outdoor, I realized that every bright and purposeful step in my life is achieving Peace;I and I take the step only.

Seeking for developing one’s self and learn what is new.

Positive thinking.


Expressing one’s opinion fearlessly without relying on the herdsman and his subject principle.

Accepting yourself and those around you.

Having a sense of responsibility toward one’s self and the person, you are.

Simply, all these thingsneed no other person than you to be achieved.The reason is it achieves inner peace and peace around you so do not ever underestimate the simple things and focus only on the broad lines of the problems simply because the result of such underestimation is painful: no realistic solutions can be achieved without changing one’s reality. The reason why I write this and sharing my opinion with you is one of a kind smile of a little child and a hug without fear nor hesitation. Peace. “It is simple like this”.

Translated by: social media team