Land of Peace

Baghdad City of Peace Carnival is always keen to announce a different logo in each of its seasons, having previously used Through Our Differences We Make Peace to highlight the importance of diversity in the Baghdadi community, and the Iraqi community in general, with its role in promoting peace

The Youth; Leaders Of The Future

has also been used, emphasising the role of young people in spreading the idea of peace and establishing it within the community

Today, in its seventh year, Baghdad City of Peace Carnival is using the hashtag #IQlandOfPeace as its logo, referring to the fact that Baghdad was not called the City of Peace out of thin air, but due to the City’s pioneering role in the world, spearheading civilization, and cultural and intellectual advances since the early ages

Baghdad’s abundant contribution to humanity, being a source of enlightenment, would not have been achieved without peace right at its core

That is the origin of the Baghdad City of Peace Carnival; to highlight this role and to remind the world that Baghdad hasn’t lost its defining quality; peace, which is evident in its continued achievements throughout time

Despite all the hardships and disasters they’ve been through, Baghdad’s people are still working, celebrating, creating and sharing the love of life

Why is that, one might ask? Because they have inner peace, the essence of life

As many of its people have reached a conclusion to justify the use of weapons and violence, the youth of Baghdad return each year to prove that there is always hope of a life without weapons and violence and that Baghdad is indeed the City of Peace

It is the fountain of culture, love and music

The spring of creativity and evolution

Here is life, here is hope

Here is Baghdad, the City of Peace

Here is the Land of Peace

IQPeace Media 2017

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