Fifty five participants from different areas of Baghdad trained in IQPeace center on communication capabilities

Fifty five participants from different areas of Baghdad trained in IQPeace center on communication capabilities

Photo: IQPeace Media/2016

Baghdad: – As part of the youth capacity building activities funded by Baghdad city of peace carnival (BCOPC), a youth participant training on communication skills has been organized over the period of 28- Oct. to 9 – Dec.  2016 in IQPeace Center. The initiative implemented by one of the most active volunteers of (BCOPC) promotes communication & real effective communication through methods such as communication gamification designed by the volunteers and motivational activities in order to familiarize young activists with these concepts and their activates

IQPeace Media coordinator, Mr. Caeser Alwardii, explained “130 hours for preparations and 21 training hours for fifty five youth activists’ ranging between (15-26 years), 50% of these youth from Baghdad City Of Peace carnival volunteers, 25% from other youth groups like (Bsmat Amal group, INCFHR team & Baghdad marathon for Peace group) and 25% from schools & universities who attended their first workshop here.”

“Our goal on this workshops is: the way to create an effective communication between youth activists and encourage them to build a good & successful network and use this network intelligently to develop their groups” said Mr. Ali Khachi (22), volunteer from (BCOPC)

Outcome of these workshops, the volunteers’ team and participants will create social activity depending on city of Baghdad & society needs

“For me I have weakness in communication with persons whom I am meeting for the first time, but when I learned the communication skills, now I can make an effective communication with all the persons” said Ms. Rahaf Mohammed, (18) Baghdad

“I learned deferent ways of effective communication & sharing information, this is my first time that I give up contacting others thought social media and I start communicating in real world” said Mr. Mohammed Kazem, (21) Baghdad

(BCOPC) is a group of Baghdadi youths gathered by the initiatives and the civil society associations. They believe in the existence of peace within every single individual and aim at bringing the title of “City of Peace” back to Baghdad throughout providing chances of participation between youths and society associations. They work to provide chances for investing youths’ power and efforts and empower them in order to build up a civil society believing in peaceful coexistence. (BCOPC) work over the year in the service of the society by holding variety of campaigns and initiatives where youth gather in accordance with the International Day of Peace



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