The Carnival was colored by the colors of happiness

The Carnival was colored by the colors of happiness

Reportedly from ALSABAH newspaper

BAGHDAD – Nora Khaled

Under the slogan “Youth are the leaders of the future” thousands of young people have celebrated the World Day of Peace at Abu Nawas Parks in Baghdad. The Carnival was colored by the colors of happiness, joy and hope; wanting to say that tomorrow is beautiful

A group of young people have volunteered to set up this annual carnival, rejecting any sort of violence and returning back the smile to the civilized face of Baghdad. The Media coordinator, Saja Hashem, said” it [the celebrations] started in 2011. The idea was simple. Three young people wanted to type the word “Baghdad City of Peace into Google, but unfortunately the only pictures that were coming up were images of violence, death, and explosions. So, they wanted to change this perception. They have decided to plant the idea of peace, hope and optimism inside the youth who make up 60 percent of the society. The roots of peace are the youth. “

As she pointed out that” the goals of the carnival are to reject any sort of violence and any manifestations of arms, to live in peace, and to return back the name “City of Peace” to Baghdad again, and this is what we are looking for.”

This year not only Baghdad celebrated the World Day of Peace, but also Basra and Diwaniyah did so. And there is a big hope that all Iraqi provinces can celebrate this day in the coming years

Various booths are scattered around the parks, and interested in showing their products and activities that are related to this day. The Booths are the most important part of the carnival because all proceeds go to charity. For example, last year it went to the displaced people. But this year all proceeds will go for developing the skills and talents of young people through training and providing them with all the support they need to develop their talents

Ali Karim is a super senior student and in charge of the booth “Your Health is First”. During his speech, he explained to (The Morning), ” This year, the booth of The Iraqi Medical Association of Students has contributed through raising awareness about blood pressure and its complications; as well as measuring people’s the height and weight in order to advise people on the ideal weight. This is not our first time to participate, but we have been participating in the carnival for five years. Our participation is not limited to the World Day of Peace; but we have more than 35 campaigns in different places in Baghdad, measuring people’s blood pressure and raising awareness about blood pressure and its complications and how to stay away from it.”

Rola Abdul Jabbar is a painter, and she contributed to the carnival with a number of paintings that were mostly about Sufism. She emphasized that “I cannot find anything on the Day of Peace that expresses inner peace and reconciliation with oneself more than Sufism and dervishes.”

Dr. Amir Saadi is a researcher and specialist in political and strategic affairs. He was among the audience and he expressed his optimism about the carnival and he thought of it as a starting point for all these potential energies of the young people. This carnival is the best place for the young people to show their capacity in taking the process of the reins of restoration projects, and reform parties and government

Imad AlShara is a journalist and blogger, he pointed out that “the World Day of Peace” has a special meaning in Iraq, in which Iraq is exposed to a huge attack by terrorism; despite of that, these young people keep surprising us with new activities that stand in the face of the force of darkness. The moment when you feel you’re losing hope, they come to set up such events to draw a smile, and plant love and optimism

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