Baghdad Colored with peace and life

Baghdad Colored with peace and life


Baghdad City of Peace Carnival has come as a wall against violence and terrorism. The carnival is the other face of Baghdad that brings back its shining lights and spreads happiness and joy.
The carnival has many joyful activities that make the Baghdadi families enjoy their time while celebrating the International Day of Peace. The activities vary between theatrical, cultural, and musical performances and booths.
Also, there are paintings created by the hands of the talented volunteers of IQpeace to be hung on the walls of Baghdadi houses to stay monumental from Baghdadi peace.
The Iraqi families have started immortalizing these beautiful paintings by sharing them via social media networks with hashtag #IQpeace. They’ve been doing that in order to show pictures of Baghdad colored with peace and life, instead of blood and violence.
The carnival is like a big arena for the Iraqi youth to bring out their talents and abilities, and show persistence and determination to return the old name of Baghdad (City of Peace). Also, the carnival is a big family that allows the Iraqi youth enjoy the spirit of teamwork, initiative, patience and participation to bring off the message of peace to the world during the International Day of Peace.
These young people are able to prove that Iraqi youth have a strong determination to fight the terrorist thoughts and deliver positive thoughts by spreading cultural awareness.
Let us celebrate and live in peace, let us rebuild our civilization, let us smile in our enemies face, and let us prove it to the whole world that the Iraqi people still alive never die.

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