Who says that Baghdad is no longer the City of Peace?

Who says that Baghdad is no longer the City of Peace?

what makes it the City of Peace, as we all know it, is its people, yet why now it’s not known for that. Did the people change? Or has it changed?
We all question that why there’s no peace in the world now, and why is there no peace in Baghdad?
Where’s peace?
This question is posed by all the people, and maybe the answer to such a question is simple. Peace is within ourselves. It does exist in each individual and family, but few are able to discover and show it to the world. Perhaps we suffer from so many problems in our societies, but this has begun to change with the new era of young people, especially with the emergence of the youth campaigns and initiatives that support peace; for example, Iqpeace carnival. The aim of this carnival is to return the name of City of Peace to Baghdad. So, this carnival is a candle that ignites other remaining candles of the society for a greater purpose, and an important issue which is to achieve peace. The goal may seem elusive for others, but never forget that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And here we are at our first steps, and we will continue until we achieve our goal. We have lighted up the first candle and we will continue to light up the rest. This torch restores hope to the rest of the people until its flame becomes a title of peace

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