Baghdad Needs Us

Baghdad Needs Us
Hassan’s story is among the successful stories we like to share with you. Hassan is 18 years old. Since two years ago, he has started working as a volunteer with the iqpeace family until he has become apart of the IT team. Hassan sees success as a being that wants more to grow up; therefore, he never sees himself at the summit. He works so hard because he thinks that he would be immortal through his works benefiting the mankind.
Hassan told us about his strong relationship with the Iqpeace by saying, ” the carnival picked me up from the despair that I had been undergoing, and gave me hope of success to continue my education and use it for something that benefits the society”
As comparison between dream and work he replied,” there’s no comparison. There is a person who dreams of success
and a person who wakes up early to achieve his/her success.”
Also he added by saying,” the first steps to success are to rearrange my priorities and correct my mistakes, and my ideal volunteer is Krar Al-ketawi”
And when we talked with him about the memories of the carnival’s days and asked him what was the situation that affected him, he said, ” I hated any criticism and I couldn’t differentiate between the constructive criticism and destructive criticism, but after I joined my second family (Iqpeace) I have started to differentiate between the two criticisms and listen carefully to critics in order to develop my abilities.
Hassan said that Baghdad resembles an old sick woman in the house that we can’t dessert or ignore her. All we can do is to take care of her and that what cures her and makes her beautiful again. As the youth of the carnival, this is our goal, and with our different specializations we will draw the most beautiful picture of Baghdad and its youth.

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