Beginning of Change

 Beginning of Change

My name is Mohammed a 23-year old engineering student.

Like many young Iraqis, my life was very based-routine; however, I had a dream to change that routine. And I believed changing my life’s routine would somehow change my country’s future because I believe if people want to change a country’s future, they should work on themselves first. From this point onwards, I’ve started to work on myself to get rid of all the nagtivities and any related-idea that gets me bored, depressed or isolated from others. Until that day, I’ve been waiting for long time, has come to change my life. That day made me become a family member of the iqpeace family. Honestly, in the beginning I thought this carnival was like many others and wouldn’t change anything in my life. But as soon as I’ve started to work with the teams of the carnival for preparing of the celebration, I came across many values, such as teamwork, responsibility, and helping others. Also, I made so many wonderful friends who really worked very hard to pull off this carnival and redraw the real peaceful picture of their city(Baghdad). I’ve never felt so much happiness in my life like the days of the carnival. Working with such a community has made me more optimistic and taught me how to live and coexist with others

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