Who Said That the Road to Peace is Built with Flowers?!

Who said that the road to peace is built with flowers?!


According to Dalai Lama, Peace does not mean the absence of conflicts and wars where difference will always be, the meaning of peace is that we must love these differences in peaceful ways by the means of discussion, education, knowledge, and humane ways.
Since the rise of the human race and until now, humanity never witnessed peace on one matter in which many countries in the world have suffered from destructive wars and murdering of their innocent people.
But till today we seek peace and renouncing wars but what is happening is exactly the opposite of our goal…
Peace is not only the peace in interacting with people but inner peace is the core message and it is more important because when you reach the inner peace inside you, you would change the world. The change starts from there…
And one of the unfortunate facts is that we can provide peace only by preparing for war because we cannot live in peace while there are people who try to ruin it by the ugliest means while we are just standing here… Doing nothing.
It is better for us to work for peace rather than wishing that it will happen someday because that will not work out…
We must also respect each other’s opinion and beliefs, and we must not answer one another with violence even if we did not have the right answer for the other.
We cannot achieve peace in in one day, instead we must work for it step by step and the conflict of the spirit over the truth because the truth is the same as peace. The road to peace is not easy, and who said that the road to peace is built with flowers?!
“How do people wait for peace while they say what they don’t do” – Gandhi.
At the end, I must say that everyone seeks peace and wishes for it, but peace always leads to war.
“Peace is just a break between two wars”- Gerardo.

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