Youth Are The Future Leaders

  Youth Are the Future Leaders 

Baghdad City Of Peace Carnival l Media Team 2016

If you are looking for a growing community that’s already seeking for prosperity and development, you must have unstoppable, unique power, which can be found in youth.

At the same time you cannot built that community on a weak base! You must have solid foundations, starting with peace culture domination.

As a young community, we are representing the largest part of it. And because we are the link between all society categories, it’s our responsibility as a majority to make peace.

 Simply we are the peace maker…

Unfortunately, as a young people, we are still suffering from many restrictions imposed by certain circumstances, also we considered as the most targeted group by terrorism, violence and wars.

Baghdad city of peace carnival is a free space for whom believe in peace and can make a difference in their own lives or in their community, as a constant creativity source and a tool to solidify the real civil values of the community. From that perspective, “Youth Are the Future Leaders” is our topic for this year.

Simple, youth are the infinite fountain of peace, love and beauty.


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