What Does Peace Mean To You?!

(What does peace mean to you?!)

In the last few days, I was thinking of this question frequently, I couldn’t find the perfect answer to convince me! So I asked people about their idea about peace… and here are some of their answers:

“Country without terrorist actions and traffic jams”

“Providing the electric power, water, gas and oil”

“Good salary, lovely wife and children!”

At that time, I thought maybe if we could provide all these thinks above we will live peacefully or at least we’ll understand what peace means!

After that I realized that I can achieve peace with every smart, meaningful step I would take by myself!

*Self development and learning*


*Optimism and smiling*

*Expressing the idea with no fair*

*Accepting yourself and others*

*Being responsible toward yourself*

You only need to believe in yourself to achieve these simple things, in return; you’ll achieve peace inside yourself and you’ll feel it around you!

Never underestimate the “simple” things and focus on the huge matters! You cannot make a difference in reality unless you changed yourself first, to better…

The reason behind writing about peace was; a lovely laugh from a kid, a warm hug with no fears …


“Keep it simple”

Tony Kamil

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