City Of Peace

Carnival for Peace .., many people would think it’s naive idea!

Yes, many would think like that especially with the current situation in Iraq where the smell of the gunpowder mixed with the smell of blood!

This scene has become one of our daily Baghdadi routines, painful news here and there.

Displacement, Sectarianism, Kidnapping. Etc, this list goes on with events that we get used to. , which become part of our daily life!

But that won’t prevent us to celebrate the peace day. When I talk to people about celebrating the peace day; they would ask where I live. Which city?

Simply , I answer with smile on my face telling them I belong to the mighty rounded city, but I can’t say its name because I’m spiritually impure!

From a city loved life and back.. called”City Of Peace”

They would laugh about the whole “peace” thing, wondering about it here!!

Well, peace is not about dropping guns!, it’s basically more than that.

Peace is inside us! It’s about smiling to each other, helping others, accepting others! You have no idea how deep is the “peace” word!

You might think I’m silly to seek peace with this desolation. Despite that fact, I’m so satisfied with one day to feel peace.

We will be waiting for you dear friends every  11th September in the city of peace to liberate ourselves from our problems, troubles, and odds !

And let’s be simply “peace lovers” in the city that never had peace before…

Noof Assi

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