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The Flock of Peace Angels

Despite that, my name was not mentioned, and despite that I was not there, my heart has opposed reality and it was there among them. They are a group of knights, a flock of angels or courageous heroes may be they are lunatics, but to be exact, they are people who adore their Baghdad, their Scheherazade, and their Tigris, and they are the same colorful random people.

One can see life goes through their veins. Their ideas are bold, strange, realistic, and sometime controversial. They dance despite of the death; they draw despite of the dim circumstances. Each year they land there on the riverbank like migrating birds that meet after a very cold winter. They dance like swans and sing like a sad effective flute in that enchanting garden lying beside the Tigris, they enter there and that is when their bodies begin to be transparent between a body and a soul, like angels they fly with white wings hovering the place. Their wings scatter the magic dust of happiness over people and there becomes no sadness, no fear, no anxious, and no worries.

There, among them, you will not feel only peace and joy, everything is special there even it smells special with the sunset. I was there among them for one day and I felt like a soldier fighting fear for the sake of peace. Thank you because your cause is more exalted than the men of the red zone. Thank you because you make us know how deeply courageous the youths inside our country, thank you for making possible what politicians, rulers, and doctors failed to achieve. You make us happy without blood. I do not know how many will remain in our flock next year but I am sure that every year will be a peace carnival next to the Tigris and Scheherazade.

Hussein Al Khuderi

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