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Why to be there


Why to be there

Well, do you want to be part of a great event…?  Do you want to participate in humanitarian activities?  Do you want to see the hidden talents in the folds of society? Do you want to help with a small part to help bigger causes? Then you must be there because every one of you matters. Beside the joyful part of the carnival, do you know that most of the money raised in the carnival’ booths is dedicated to charity work.

On top of all that, peace will be spread in Baghdad at least for one big day,  and hope will be in the sky of Baghdad by God’s will in the 21st of September,  so be ready because what is coming is much better.



Iraqi woman, living in Baghdad, working in Gender equality field and interested in monitoring Gender issues in the country and participate in initiatives that reduce the gender gaps that's impacted on community members lives.

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