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To the Volunteers of Baghdad City of Peace Carnival

Most of you understood the idea, the mechanism… etc.

Some of you are hesitated, confused, afraid, or shy to express his opinion especially new ones.May be, till this moment, some are still, even after leaving preparation meetings, saying “then what?” may be they decide to quit either due to familial restrictions or any other reason… etc.

Let me tell you something, this is normal. A feeling may be most of us feltMay be some felt more. Yet, we reached a point of certainty after the first carnival that our life has a value and a very beautiful aim. The idea that there are people, even if there is only one, who return home smiling because of you, or if you make someone forget his concerns for three hours, this is something that will make you hold on to life even more, hold on to each and every hope even the tiniest one.

We might not be able to solve national issues by our initiation. We might not be able to protect people who are always in danger, yet I am very sure that you will make so many people happy and you will prove for those who say that you are failures in your study, work, or social life… etc. You prove them wrong. You are successful and you will succeed, you will bring peace back to Baghdad.

Day of peace is not a normal day; it is a day during which many things will come to light. Social relations, friendships that will last. Dreams that come true and dreams that will be born. Day of peace is the beginning of something wonderful, you will change your way of viewing things and the way you view yourselves. No matter how many experiences you will go through, it will be there in one corner or another. The corner that will make you feel that you are humans, the corner that will make you realize the value of peace and happiness.

Peace, we are waiting for you.


Haneen Emad.


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