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A Message for Peace Makers


Few years ago, I met a young man working in the Baghdad City of Peace Carnival, while he was talking about himself, I figured out that we have the same aims yet each has his own perspective.
In fact, he invited me to participate in the carnival despite of all the criticism that I used to say, I liked the idea and the one aim we share that is why I decided to take part.
I went there and I was like “doing nothing” under the pretext that I was supervising, no one gave me a task to do, and I was happy about that… Thanks God that was my role because it gave me the chance to see something I never expected to see.
I saw my Dream in its minimized form. I saw a world gathering people of all sects aiming at succeeding and developing. Everyone is doing his role and helping the weak ones just to make sure the teamwork keeps on rolling. Bad elements of such world were not neglected at all, in fact others were helping to make up for the wrongs they did.
They were people whom the word “hopelessness” does not have a place in their dictionary, no challenge would hinder them. All in all, they were giving a present and receive nothing in return, they were sketching an artwork reflecting their dream, a world of all colors, a world where red stands for roses rather than blood, a world faraway from violence.
As a normal person, I hated some of them yet all in all, I adored them, I adored the family they made. The best of this yet coming, I noticed new perspectives, I knew that there are more than one group trying to achieve the same goals through different ways. Not only groups but also there were single individuals trying to fight their own battles.
I have a wish that all would remain the same and never deviate from this track they are taking right now because their role is so important and we must all have our role in our society so that we finish sketching our dream and build the world we wish for.

By Karrar Ketawi.


Iraqi woman, living in Baghdad, working in Gender equality field and interested in monitoring Gender issues in the country and participate in initiatives that reduce the gender gaps that's impacted on community members lives.

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