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Announcing a Day of peace

Announcing a Day of peace

If we did not plant peace within our hearts and if we did not put it with the folds of our speeches, and if we did not put it within our sight range, we will not live it. It is only when we want peace as a state of living; it will prevail. Because it is, a flag to be rose and waved. Its flag either become peace and security and serenity would prevail, or its flag would be a flag of aggressiveness, and prejudice would be its choice.
Today, we are announcing September 21 a day of peace and it would witness the rising of flags of peace, it would witness pens writing any lines it can write down, lines that yield for peace and love. Everyone would excel and have fun.
Yes, it is a peace day, a day of security, a day of love, a day of patriotism, and a day away from sectarian discrimination. My motherland, do not feel afraid because your youths are trying to spread peace.
We gather and enjoy, we free our talents, we love and befriend, and we try hard to be together under the name of humanity and brotherhood, we gather because we are Iraqis. Long live my motherland for us for the whole eternity.

Hasnaa’ Shendi


Iraqi woman, living in Baghdad, working in Gender equality field and interested in monitoring Gender issues in the country and participate in initiatives that reduce the gender gaps that's impacted on community members lives.

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