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ابتسامةُ سلامٍ هُوَ وَعدُنا


عربي – English

ابتسامةُ سلامٍ هُوَ وَعدُنا

وَجه بغداد الاًخر يبدأ ابتسامتهُ بأولى تحضيرات مِهرجانِكُم. وَدعوكم قَبل شُهورٍ عَشر حينَ وَعدوكٌم بِأنهم سَيَلقَونَكُم بَعد عام وها هُم شبابُ بَغداد يبدؤون اِيفائهم بِالوعد مُنذُ الان.

تَركوكُم بِوعدٍ وبدأوا بألحانٍ بغدادية فَرحة تَلَألَأت في بَغداد لِيزهوَ وَجهُها بالأمل وتُشرِق تِلكَ الابتسامة من جديد. أملٌ جديد تَصوغه اناملٌ شابه تُريدُ مِن بغداد أن تَنفض رماد الحروب وتنهض كطائر الفينيق.

هَدَفُهم هو صُنع ابتسامة أمل تُرسَمُ على مُحيا بَغداد وأبنائها، جَمَعهم حُب السلام لِ دار السلام فأصبحوا إخوةً وأصدقاء.

شُكراً لِدعمِكُم إياهُم ووَعدُنا لَكم أصدقائنا هُو ابتسامة اُخرى. انتَظِرونا قريباً.

محمد نهاد

الفريق الإعلامي – مهرجان بغداد دار السلام الرابع2014

A smile of peace is our promise


The other face of Baghdad is smiling with the preparations of your carnival, They said goodbye before 10 months, They promised they will be meeting you a year later and here they are, The youth of Baghdad are starting to keep their promise since now.

They left you with a promise and they started with happy Baghdadi melodies sparkled in Baghdad for her face to prosper with hope and for that smile to shine again, A new hope is made by the fingers of a young one wants Baghdad to clear the ashes of war and to stand up like a phoenix.

Their goal is to make a smile of hope on Baghdad and its people that were gathered for the love of peace and for the city of peace so they became brothers and friends.

Thanks for supporting them and our promise for you our friends is another smile, Wait for us, We’re close.

Mohammed Nihad

The Media team – Baghdad City of Peace Carnival the 4th 2014


Iraqi woman, living in Baghdad, working in Gender equality field and interested in monitoring Gender issues in the country and participate in initiatives that reduce the gender gaps that's impacted on community members lives.

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