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Another Peace Memory Will Be Added to Our Memories

By Tiba Al Nawab


Everything here is like a dream, a dream coming true within few days.

Two years ago, during our first carnival, I was happy to receive that call to invite me to attend the carnival preparation meeting, with no reasoning nor further thinking my smile was the clue to my answer. Back then when we began talking, Jeremy was the protagonist of the tale, thoughts began to emerge, and creativity as well. The preparation were not ordinary, all were going quickly with the participation of everyone. I will not forget that I used to write the little thoughts down, these simple ideas made us better persons. September, with all its hardships had become our other normal life that we want to enjoy.

The scene expressed every one of us, it was like a “process of gathering” our shattered broken internal wounds. Heritage was part of us. The carnival was ended and we were happily dancing on the Baghdadi Chalghi*1. It ended and we returned home. We were thinking of whether we will be there for another year or not; whether our spirits that are filled with love and peace will gather us again and we would be called the dreaming-of-peace-youths?

Months have passed…

Another dates and appointments in another year, volunteers are doubled now; moreover they come with extraordinary positivity bringing new ideas and new works to reflect the beauty of our beloved Baghdad. The audience, the smiles, the volunteer spirit, the friendship, and the creativity are doubled; and the responsibility is doubled and still growing as well. The second carnival ended with our tears falling in a beautiful neighborhood where the Tigris lies few steps aside. The carnival ended as well and we returned home yet this time we returned home living a rosy dream that came into reality by our collaboration in Baghdad the city of Peace.

Days have passed away and whenever we were asked about our scheduled dates, we say September 21 is an official fixed date, before that I am busy with my other family, in my big house. Baghdad kept on taking us into her lap. The dream went as far as Basra. Numbers are in continuous increase. Our responsibility is accumulating due to the conflicts that we suffer from. Despite that accumulating, freedom, love, peace, smiles, work, fatigue, and success are accumulating and it makes us wonder about what we are going to offer in 2014.

With such a high spirit, our dream is going to be reality this year. We will be proud for presenting an image of Baghdad, her real image even if some people are not aware of this reality.

*1 Chalghi is a Turkish word meaning “a group of musicians” and its Baghdadi use refers to the “musicians’ band consisting of a Maqam singer and four musicians each with different musical instrument all wearing either Baghdadi custom or formal suits alongside with the Sedara (A Baghdadi head-cap.)”

Translated by: Social Media Team

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