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What is Peace for you?

What is Peace for you?

A question that haunted my mind for the few last days, a question to which I could not find a satisfactory answer, I asked few people and their answer was:

A country without explosions and without traffic jams.

Providing Electricity, water, oil, and liquid gas.

Monthly payments, wife, and children.

At that time, I agreed and thought that by providing the above-mentioned needs we might live peacefully and understand what is meant by peace.

With the passage of days while working indoor and outdoor, I realized that every bright and purposeful step in my life is achieving Peace;I and I take the step only.

Seeking for developing one’s self and learn what is new.

Positive thinking.


Expressing one’s opinion fearlessly without relying on the herdsman and his subject principle.

Accepting yourself and those around you.

Having a sense of responsibility toward one’s self and the person, you are.

Simply, all these thingsneed no other person than you to be achieved.The reason is it achieves inner peace and peace around you so do not ever underestimate the simple things and focus only on the broad lines of the problems simply because the result of such underestimation is painful: no realistic solutions can be achieved without changing one’s reality. The reason why I write this and sharing my opinion with you is one of a kind smile of a little child and a hug without fear nor hesitation. Peace. “It is simple like this”.

Translated by: social media team


Iraqi woman, living in Baghdad, working in Gender equality field and interested in monitoring Gender issues in the country and participate in initiatives that reduce the gender gaps that's impacted on community members lives.

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