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The Dream of Peace

by : Aws Al-Najjar

cuddling the clouds flying around a nice looking guy on his red fireball dragon over the unlimited sea they were flying as one brain and one body. suddenly they saw a hole a hole in the sea and before they knew it magical forces made them fall in that hole and the boy suddenly was separated from his dragon and he found himself in the middle of a crowed. a crowed which was too happy for him to bare, he didn’t like seeing happy people it would damage his self confidence. the crowed were cheering for something but he couldn’t see because he was laying on the ground. with hard efforts he got off the ground and saw a small stage that doesn’t even deserve that much crowd and on the stage he could see two lame people making a lame play but the crowd was over cheering and so excited he could feel the love in their heart blinding him from his own emotions and he’s feeling theirs now. he couldn’t help but smile and then he got really angry inside watching those people clap so hard after those lame guys finishing their play so he flew off the ground and everybody looked at him with and cheered at him he got more control and flew over the stage covered himself with his red cover and disappeared everyone was amazed and they cheered harder than ever he got back on his dragon and while he was flying he could see words written by how people were sitting words like “peace” “no never” “youth” he enjoyed the cheering and he decided to get down on the ground so he jumped off the dragon and ordered him to go sit on one of the trees flying over the people clapping their hands then landing on the stage again this time he won’t disappear he’ll talk to them and ask them why they are that much happy to see a lame play and then they were amazed by seeing a knight with his dragon they all looked blank at him till one guy stepped out and told him there are no knights nor dragons on this land and he explained that the knight might come from another land. the knight told them I’ll show you the show of your lives he took out his sword and threw it in the air and as it came down another dozen of swords came down with it they fall in an organized way beside him and his sword in front of him he pulled the sword off the ground and so were the rest of the swords by itself he started moving so fast doing moves with the sword and doing it so fast you can’t see him now all you can see is something fast moving you are not even sure he’s there because he gets off the ground a lot then he stops in a sudden move looking like a war module only when the other swords stopped with him they all had someone who were carrying them identical copies of himself wearing same outfit and all they started dancing and sword fighting in the same time. after they got over their show a man called Karam J. Saffo stepped up on the stage to thank them for their cameo appears only once he stepped on the stage they all disappeared along with the first one while what really happened was that he got back among the crowd to see the love they all have and he was amazed how simple they are that any simple activity would amaze them and he could hear them talk about him and how he appeared on the skies first then like this hearing positive feedback about himself encouraged him to love himself and feel the peace those people gathered to achieve and while he watched the rest of the acts and shows he helped them with a little bit of magic to make it interesting to watch and at the end he saw the sand drawing show writing peace day 2013 then he heard a girl say I’m not happy today because there was no fireworks at the end a guy answered her yeah and they wouldn’t make the water balloon fight so with a little bit of concentration and some magic he made two water balloons appear in each hand of everyone there and as they throw them and yell at each other their words came out in the skies as fireworks art and in the end of the water balloon fight they all screamed World Peace Day-Iraqi Alamal Association and the biggest and most beautiful firework art appeared on the sky writing their shouting and then each letter of the sentence started exploding writing volunteers’ names and in the end came out a big Thank you all for making it come true.

Inspired by Mariam Al Ashbal

One thought on “The Dream of Peace

  1. OMG that’s me 🙂 I’m glad that you liked it 🙂 I wasn’t expecting that you would post it here 🙂 I wrote this fast I know it has a lot of mistakes but it what makes it perfect 🙂

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