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Peace for me …


Peace for me is:

by Zain Mohammed


Despite of my unconditional belief that Peace is an impossible-to-be-applied philosophy even theoretically, I work under this doom, yet I wonder is it possible to achieve peace, is that possible? Can I achieve it? Has peace become a work or festival where we meet, be happy, and attend theatres???


Day after another, “Day of Peace” is approaching and worry and questioning increase, critics and those ridiculous people who mock also increase, mockers and critics are hardly distinguished these days…..


Am I working as if I am running trying to catch a mirage, am I like men of religion spreading what I don’t believe in, or am I a future peace-preacher project??? Since I was so young I was wondering whether we are like Hippies, Metals, and beagles fusing ideas and fashion styles together, or we are activists working for a supreme ideals and thoughts standing above the homeland and religion without interfering and affecting them.


During the evening time of Sep. 17, four days before the Day of Peace festival, I haven’t slept well for about two weeks or so, and after a simple argument at home, I realized that peace is neither a philosophy, ideas, nor style rather than being a need, need for peace is just like our need for food, water, and air…. It is more important than feelings, varying like the countless types of food, and assessed like the rate of oxygen in air, but there is still that rate when oxygen is low, we suffocate and that is how I see peace. When chances of peace go less that’s when we gather to work hard and that’s what gather me along with 130 young men and womenthis year, we smile, keep In touch, exchange words simply because we live on peace and we breathe what we were deprived from.




Iraqi woman, living in Baghdad, working in Gender equality field and interested in monitoring Gender issues in the country and participate in initiatives that reduce the gender gaps that's impacted on community members lives.

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