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us together PEACE spiritual


writing: Tiba alnawab

Translation: mohmmed nihad

It is new journey and a new voluntary spirit that gather many of young men and women who continue to challenge obstacles every year. Once again we’re together under the same roof, in hall where we were together miserably frustrated yet we have become young people who aim at delivering a message.

Under the doom of peace we are thinking at the international day of peace…. peace is an emotion that evoked us to have the real and genuine feelings. A misleading and unreal ideas about Iraq was formed especially for most of Iraqis abroad, where are we from all that??? And where is reality?? Nobody knows!! Although all people who don’t work on the day of peace ask us, mocking, just because we’ working hard to make Iraq rise again and stand high in a blood-stained reality by depending on our simple ways.

our experience last year was so amazing to the extent that nothing can make us forget all its details even the small one……. we’re still remembering even the day when we decided to group and think of working willfully together. There were about 500, a small dream has become true, this year we’re willing to achieve even more. More media than usual, audience more than what we used to have…. we’re aiming at presenting something untraditional by which we can deliver the message “we really want to live peacefully”

Salam “Peace” group, my friends, and I usually meet people who ask us about the benefits from our work, and why we are excited and zealous to reach this day; there are also those who ask us “why is this carnival?” and what I want to say that we grew up in warzone, wars one after the other, and sanctions.

We miss watching plays and going to theaters, we miss stages in halls or in the air, we long to listen to the calm music under the shade of trees, we miss spiritual peace that gathers us today, and we want to be with you, all under the doom of the day of peace, peace of Baghdad, peace of Iraq… Baghdad and Iraq will only be peace this time… enough violence, killing, destruction, lost childhood, vainly emigrant youth, let’s be optimistic, smile, and work together.


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