Our Peace, between illusion and reality … by Mohammed Nihad

Our Peace,


illusion and reality

All of us have those simple dreams that live in our minds, and the facts that we always live; yet we don’t give it our full attention for lots of reasons, that’s why we don’t have any choice only to pretend that we are capable of abandoning our dreams….. Amongst all of these things that we say that we are going to abandon appears the one and only thing that we cannot seize thinking of and for sure that is PEACE. Who amongst us never dreams of ending wars, and to get rid of poverty? Let’s give ourselves enough time to contemplate and remember all the images of women, children, and elders, the victims of starvation, poverty, and wars, don’t we shiver for seeing such images? If the answer is “NO” then let’s imagine the case where our kids, relatives, and everyone whom we care about suffer the same tragedy, if we are still not moved by the scene then we’re still unable to be in peace even with ourselves.

No one of us have no friends from another sect, religion, race, or color,, I believe that if not all of us do, then at least the majority does. Let’s remember their faces and let’s remember all their deeds to support us, isn’t that the will of peace that joins us by the strong bound of friendship? Absolutely yes, that’s simply because that the idea of peace is naturally found in every one of us, but it is the man himself who decides to let it grow and fruit or to ignore it and let wither, why do we sometimes feel amazed that the idea of peace conjoins all humanity when all religions call for it.

Why does War conquer the headlines of the News, and front-pages of newspapers while Peace articles take the second page,and the postscripts? Why don’t we see what humanity decided to prefer silently take the first pages and becomes the hero? Is it because war is a business deal, and warlords are the best business men, or it is because its headlines are bloody?

          Peace is a great goal and to accomplish this goal we need a lot of simple hard work, accomplishing peace is an obligation despite of all obstacles facing us in order not to let the following generations live the same crisis whose ancestors lived through.  Regardless of all the hardships, achieving peace is neither hard nor expensive; peacemakers do not need the enormous amounts of money spent to fund wars, what only one war costs is enough to support poor. Our peace needs us only to take a serious stand; it needs true promises, genuine emotion, and equality.

          When we are able to get rid of racism, end classism, and abandon radicalism, then it will be the time when we will be capable to have huge steps toward achieving the desired Peace. Racism, classism, and radicalism are conceptions that are filled with agony and rage and they are reason of suffering of thousands if not millions of people, and responsible for the lives of people whom we know by the name and whom we don’t and their names were engraved in the hearts of their lovers; and the least that we can do is to accomplish what the paid their lives to achieve, their ultimate goal, that is PEACE.

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